Frequently Asked Questions

“Your idea sounds too good to be true - and besides, if it is so powerful, why don't you disclose it to the whole
world instead of trying to sell it?”

On it being too good to be true:  There is no cost to try our system. Try it out and make up your mind based on
actual results.

On free disclosure:   We thought long and hard about whether to release our method into the open, but decided
against it.  

Our first concern was the need to keep our system away from cults and from criminal or terror organizations.
They might use it to keep their members in line or to outwit law-enforcement. If such organizations adopted our
approach, most police forces would be thoroughly outsmarted, and that is as bad as being outgunned.

Our second concern was that our method has immensely profitable commercial potential (see
"More"), making it
silly on our part to give it away. Why should we go asking for handouts if we can earn the needed funds via the
product of our labor?

Finally, free giveaways rarely work. In his best-selling books, the Brazilian billionaire Ricardo Semler thoroughly
explains the management approach he used to earn his fortune. However, the free availability of his method,
which distantly resembles ours, did not make it popular. Twenty years after starting to promote it, he gave up. We
don’t want to repeat his mistakes.

“Where can your system be seen in action?”

You are asking where our business secret can be copied, aren’t you? We did say “proprietary.”

“Can your method remove political corruption?”

Yes. It does so at a slower pace than it removes administrative/organizational corruption, but it does it as gently.

“It appears you are not affiliated with the Transparency International network. If so, why not?”

Transparency International does very important work. However, they seem to exist off grants and gifts, and we
don’t want to work in that mode. We look forward to cooperating with them, however.

"Our approaches seem to be complementary. Do you look for partners?"

Yes. One way or another, all organizational success is the result of partnering. Whether you are an individual or
represent an organization, let's talk. The multi-trillion-dollar problem/opportunity that is before us is so immense
that we would be silly to try to stake out small turfs instead of partnering.

"I see so much corruption in our city. Can you help?"

If you are just a single concerned citizen, and have no influence whatsoever over your officials, then perhaps the
only two things you can do are:

1) Inform your politicians that there is a highly effective method for transforming corruption into innovation,
 savings and profits. They might like those.

2) Form a vocal group that presses the officials to address the issue of corruption by informing everyone that
 clean governance is possible and profitable.   

In general, we advise people not to become whistleblowers without a strong local support organization. Most
whistleblower paladins lose their battles and often also lose their health and more. While they perform invaluable
services, larger societies usually don’t care for them on the personal level. Plus, anti-corruption work is better
accomplished by a team anyway.

In the future we are planning either to set up such a network helping whistleblowers or, preferably, financially
support another organization that does such work.

Please keep in mind that some “anti-corruption” organizations and offices that claim to help whistleblowers are
either corrupt themselves or serve as "agents provocateurs" on behalf of corrupt administrators. Be very careful
whom you trust.  

Note to our fellow do-gooders everywhere

If, as citizens of the world, we continue to fight malfeasance in the same archaic and draconian ways that we've
done for millenia, nothing will really change. We will continue to suffer
from both corruption and the suffocating
results of our own traditional anti-corruption measures, regardless of having a chicken in every pot or an
iPad in
the hands of every child.  In the long term, neither terror nor brainwashing works.  However, if we apply the
simple and effectively free tools that are available today, we can wipe out corruption and abuse in a blink of the
historical eye.  Not only will we recapture the annual $3 trillion lost to the world, we will create another $3 trillion or
more in yearly economic value "out of thin air" (we explain this on the page

And consider this: a mere
1/10 of the wasted amount -- a still-whopping $300 billion a year -- could eradicate
diseases, re-build poor countries (how about turning Haiti into Singapore?), save ecosystems and more.  Name
your cause and, if money can solve it at all, it can be solved with an annual infusion of $300
billion dollars, which
is just 1/10th of what is being lost to corruption year in and year out.

                                                                        * * * * * * * * *

Your questions or comments are most welcome. We will answer them as time permits.

Please keep in mind that we keep the list of our clients and prospective clients strictly confidential. Similarly,
we promise not to disclose your name and contact information to anyone, ever.

Also, please, don’t try to fool us. We’re in the business of finding out. If you have fouled up in your
organization/country and honestly want to remedy the situation, be upfront: we’re not a punishment agency.

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